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How We Serve...

Law Firm Alchemy seeks out the independent, entrepreneurial law firm owner who wants to learn how to fish, not just have fish handed to him or her. Our service comes through our coaching and courses. These are designed with the intention (one of our core values) of deep impact.

How we achieve impact looks different than many others. First off, we aim for positive relationships, even through a course you may watch. The audience (i.e. YOU) is always first in our minds. If we can't get you to pay attention, it doesn't matter how good the advice is, it won't be heard. And the secret to keeping your attention is making it clear that we know you're there, and we respect your intention of learning, your ambition to grow, and desire to sharpen your axe.

But what does all of it actually look like?

Well, it's probably a lot less self-serious than you'll see in other spaces. Why shouldn't entrepreneurship be joyful? Yes, there is serious work to be done, but it's okay to throw in some laughs and tangents to teach. As a matter of fact, science of the brain suggests every teacher, trainer, and coach should employ these concepts to help others remember the information.

Our Core Values


This value comes from and extends to multiple places. I believe it is important to act with intention. This includes deliberate decision-making and some degree of precision in the choices made. Additionally, the intention of someone’s actions are as valid as their impact. I will honor the intention behind others’ actions and allow for people to explain what they meant to do versus what they did.


We are here to build and create. We bring new into the world, whether through creating or ideating. Ultimately, we are hardwired to add to what is there both as an experiment and earnest making.


The path is understood though the way may not always appear clear. We keep the faith in our journey and accept the doubts and questions that will come. In many parts of our lives, faith is applied.


We stand in front and provide guidance while knowing when to ask those who know better than us. Ultimately, the burden of living out front is something we relish. It creates paths for others to achieve their greatest purpose while we live in and embrace the uncertainty of first charting the course.


There is no confidence with courage. We make daily decisions to be courageous in order to build confidence. When confronted with a tough path, we choose courage.


We are forthright with what we feel and experience. Honesty is just the beginning. We opt to tell the predictive truth, not just today’s truth. We share more than what is necessary to handle a situation. We share to prevent a situation from getting worse and to build deep relationships.

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